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Salt Smart and You Exhibit

Bring the Salt Smart and You Exhibit to your Community!

Engage your community in a conversation about responsible salt use to protect the environment and ensure winter safety. Reserve the “Salt Smart and You” exhibit for display at your local library, events, municipal building, park district, or community center.

8 Pop-Up Displays

The exhibit presents educational content across eight two-sided pop-up displays.

Bilingual Experience

One side of the pop-ups is in English and the other is in Spanish, facilitating a broader reach within your community.

Educate and Inspire

Raise awareness about the consequences of excess salt use on water quality, infrastructure, landscaping, and pet health. The exhibit aims to inspire by promoting responsible, smart salting and tips for winter safety.

Availability is limited, so make sure to reserve your preferred dates as soon as possible to secure the exhibit for your community.