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Permittee Resources


The following are important reminders of deadlines for TLWQS for Chloride Permittees:

  • PMP due in November 2022 (6 months from approval)
  • Need a way to track salt use by November 2022 (6 months from approval)
  • All equipment calibrated by November 30th each year
  • All staff trained by November 30th each year
  • All BMPs implemented by May 2023 (12 months from approval)
  • First Annual Report is due July 1, 2023, future annual reports due by July 1 of each year

"Liquids Lessons Learned" Guide

Through collaboration by the workgroup members, a Liquids Lessons Learned guide was developed to share experiences and knowledge about using liquids in winter operations. Download the guide here.

If you would like to contribute experiences with liquids to the guide, please reach out to the workgroup coordinator.

Education and Outreach

Education and outreach materials are available to members here.